I usually leave the travel posts up to Aleks.  I’d rather give a good recipe than wax on about the enchanting history and romantic architecture that characterizes Croatia.  However, I thought I might be able to handle Cres, if only because we stopped for some of the most delicious grilled squid I’ve ever had.  Grilled squid (lignje) is one of my favorite dishes to enjoy on the Adriatic coast.  If you are thinking fried calamari, which often tastes like breaded balloons, think again.  Grilled squid is fresh and tender.  Not at all fishy tasting, with just the right amount of salt and lemon.  It is light enough to eat on the beach and still feel like strutting around in your swimsuit or going for a quick dip afterward.  Delicious.  I’m sure if I lived with access to fresh caught squid, I would learn to grill it at home, but as it is we are in Macedonia…land-locked and fish-free…so, I’ll settle for a summer time treat each summer in Croatia.

Lest you think the only thing I thought about while on Cres was the food, let me tell you a little about our adventure around the island.

We started our journey by taking the ferry from the island of Krk (which is and island, with a bridge to the mainland) to the island of Cres, the second largest island in the Adriatic.  The ferry was filled with other tourists from Germany, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovenia. The trip took us about 20 minutes.

From the ferry dock we drove to the town of Cres.  Once ruled by the Venetians in the 15th and 16th centuries, the town is reminiscent of an Italian village.

On the way to the town center, I passed this small chapel and took a peek inside.

There are times in the Balkans when I feel transported back in time.  It’s not just the old cobblestone streets and Venetian architecture, but the artifacts that stand as reminder of even recent times past.  It’s something that happens when people live in the same place for generations, things just start to accumulate.  Like this car.

Or the tack on this horse…

Or this boat…