March may be a strange time to do a recap of the last year, but since we are officially back in our (not so) Macedonian Kitchen, I thought I would at least share a couple of photos fromt he last year to give you a little idea about what we’ve been up to.  Last July, we left Macedonia for Seattle.  We spent a couple of wonderful weeks enjoying all the best parts of summer in the Pacific Northwest–fresh fruit, sunshine, and time on the lake!

We then headed east, to ‘the other Washington’.  We were excited to spend some time in our nation’s capital and our first few weeks were full of excitement.  In less than a month we experienced an extreme heat wave, an earthquake, and a hurricane!  Yikes!

After a few months in Virginia, we bought this little beauty.  Having lived without a car for three years in Macedonia, depending on our wonderfully generous friends for rides (thanks guys!) it felt pretty nice to be the ones offering a ride for a change.

Compliments of our new wheels, we were able to get out of D.C. for a while and explore the Virginian countryside.  Who knew I would move from one apple loving state to another? Interestingly, apples originated in Kazakhstan…coincidence?

Finding covered bridges was on my list of ‘must-do-East Coast activities.

We also enjoyed a beautiful drive down to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.

Of course, we stopped along the way for a pint of cider.

The weather began to change.

Christmas decorations started popping up in our neighborhood.

Presents started arriving and making their way under our tree.

We found an awesome website that directed us to all kinds of crazy Christmas lights in Virginia.

We took advantage of the mild winter by strolling around the city.

We are still enjoying our last few months in D.C., before we meet our next new city–Astana!