I’ve been thinking about how to make this transition for a while. When I started this blog, we had been living in Macedonia for about a year.  I spent the first few months sitting in my mother-in-law’s apartment pouring over food blogs, thinking about all of the things I would make once I had my own kitchen.  After a couple of months, I had my own kitchen, so I kept  checking my favorite blogs.  Then I discovered tastespotting…  So many beautiful potos in one place.  So after a year of living and working (finally!) in Macedonia, I decided to start writing about food and life in Skopje.  The first year I blogged enthusiastically, there was so much to share about my life in Skopje, and I had so many recipes I wanted to upload.

After about a year of blogging, I encountered a few health problems that altered the kinds of recipes I was trying, so I took a small break from blogging.  A month or so later, I received a job offer that took us to Washington D.C. for training, and has us heading to Astana, Kazakhstan this spring!  So, a break which was supposed to last a couple of months turned into a year.  I debated whether or not I should continue the blog.  I mean, I’m not really in Macedonia anymore, so can I really be blogging about my ‘Macedonian Kitchen’?  However, there is still a Macedonian IN my kitchen…  So, after much debate, we decided to continue with the blog.  We will still occasionally post about Macedonia and Macedonian food, but you can also expect to hear a bit more about our life here in D.C. and soon about our move to Central Asia.

For now, I thought I’d post a few photos of the things I miss from Macedonia.


St. John of Kaneo church in Ohrid.

The view from my favorite place to stay in Ohrid, Grebnos guest house.

The smell of ajvar in the fall.

Driving past little villages like this.

To barbecue with cuties like this.

And eat delicious salads like this!

Our sunny apartment.

Hiking on Vodno mountain behind our apartment building.

And looking back on our neighborhood.

Buying figs at the market.